Monday, May 30, 2011

If it pleases you

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What will I have you say to me?

I have been in love with you
From the moment our eyes shyly met

I have been in love with you
And longed for you to know

I have been in love with you
and soaked my dreams with you
till they, swollen and saturated,
lay heavy on my chest

We cannot move, they said
until you relieve us
of the burden of your undeclared longing

So, here I am
declaring that
you have the right
No, more than that, the power
No, more than that, the magic
No, more than that, the means
No, more than that, the desire
to wring my dreams dry
so they may soar at once to Heaven
where you and I have reserved a courtyard
drenched with the perfume of a thousand lilies
and adorned by fragile curtains of softly falling snow
and within which, roaring with the warmth of crackling cedar
there burns a voluptuously brilliant fire at the foot of our velvet grass bed
while, for our ears only, the Love Angel plucks ripe notes
off his ancient dulcimer

Just say then, if it pleases you,
that you are in love with me too


  1. TB-you are wildly romantic. Your poem sounds like something straight out of the Arabian Nights or The Song of Solomon.

  2. TBT, I agree with Marty you are a romantic. A lover would be the luckiest to have this said to them.. Beautifully written.

  3. The power and the magic and the dream. :-)

  4. Its a very romantic and magical poem :)

  5. How beautiful. I absolutely love it.


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