Monday, May 30, 2011

If it pleases you

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What will I have you say to me?

I have been in love with you
From the moment our eyes shyly met

I have been in love with you
And longed for you to know

I have been in love with you
and soaked my dreams with you
till they, swollen and saturated,
lay heavy on my chest

We cannot move, they said
until you relieve us
of the burden of your undeclared longing

So, here I am
declaring that
you have the right
No, more than that, the power
No, more than that, the magic
No, more than that, the means
No, more than that, the desire
to wring my dreams dry
so they may soar at once to Heaven
where you and I have reserved a courtyard
drenched with the perfume of a thousand lilies
and adorned by fragile curtains of softly falling snow
and within which, roaring with the warmth of crackling cedar
there burns a voluptuously brilliant fire at the foot of our velvet grass bed
while, for our ears only, the Love Angel plucks ripe notes
off his ancient dulcimer

Just say then, if it pleases you,
that you are in love with me too

Sunday, May 22, 2011

If I spoke of Love

I ache for him
I know not why

Despite welcome distractions others provide
unknowing of my torment
it is his soul it seems
that has cleaved with mine

Have I presumed too much
 in thinking that, like me,
he has cowered in the harshness of
unbending conventions
heedless as they are
 of the only law the soul would observe?

What then would he say
if I spoke of love?
How would he feel?

Would it bring unbearably sweet relief to him
as it would to me
were he to declare
in one unguarded moment
(that’s all it would take):

I ache for you too?


Oh Fool!
Parade not in the nakedness of Love
Stick instead with the role you know best:

High Prisoner of our necessary fears

and speak
if you do at all
of something uncharged with risk like

a new project

You know
some such banal pretext that
(Hail Holy Her!)
 would roundly approve!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

You are loved

If you thought you traveled 
dragging your load
as you do
across the deserts of your
stolen dreams
tossed about wantonly by
furious winds and 
ingratiating high tides

then you can't have seen the magic that has awaited you
day after enchanting day
in the powdered concrete that glistens 
even beneath overcast skies
and upon which you walk 
mind and body apart

or heard the dragon's contented roar
escaping from hurrying cars
that grate and grind past you

or touched the slender waxy tubes
of the fuschia
that have at last fallen to the ground
after their week-long fanfare

Nor would you have tasted 
the slow release of saliva
sweet in its anticipation 
of the marshmallow that will crown the 
frothy hot mocha you order every morning

or felt the feathery caress of the breath of
ten thousand angels 
assigned by Heaven
to be your constant company
and heard them adoringly whisper
again and again and again:

You are loved

Sunday, May 8, 2011

As it must

And when this love affair
as we know it
ends, my love,
as all love affairs must

leaving in its place and time
-Infinity and Eternity- 
no less

a yet unexplored Vista
a dungeon of Paradise
a Holy Well of endless depth

as it does
from our mother's womb

She who was always 
our first love

returning again and again to it

we will have learned
My Love
that nothing 
ever dies

only transforms 
before our 
slumbered eyes
and within our
yearning souls

according to where we 
take our position
to view ourselves
again and again and again
in this our Paradise

Monday, February 21, 2011

No, I wouldn't

In the turning phases of the moon
Your warmth and coolness
ebb and flow

distractions that
burn and freeze
my soul

that disappear
when I get close enough
to touch your

Did you ever think
I'd abandon
for the 
fickle feelings
the invisible trails
we have walked
a million years?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Universe will explode

When you and I
finally meet
it will be
no surprise
to the Universe

but that won't mean
that She will not
with infinite 

And all the 
fragile strands
of connection
that She has
magically woven
into the
flowering of our love
will hold us
in lifetimes of


I created this digital picture last night and found the words for it this morning.  Both reflect the beliefs and expectations I have of a *new* relationship :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Quiet Voice

See those shadows on the ground?
Consider then 
The Quiet Voice

She speaks to you
even when 
you're not 


She can't help herself
and doesn't try to
for she is 
stripped naked
disarmingly so

Your faithful servant
and unyielding master

Don't try to deny her
Ignore her
suppress her

Such actions 
leave you disturbed

a cauldron of

But when you heed 
The Quiet Voice
and submit

without knowing 

how or when or what or where
yet certain and reassured that
she is 

life itself

without whom 
you cannot exist

Why, she summons
the entire force of 
the Universe
to assemble at your feet
ready to 
fashion all things
as you please!