Sunday, May 22, 2011

If I spoke of Love

I ache for him
I know not why

Despite welcome distractions others provide
unknowing of my torment
it is his soul it seems
that has cleaved with mine

Have I presumed too much
 in thinking that, like me,
he has cowered in the harshness of
unbending conventions
heedless as they are
 of the only law the soul would observe?

What then would he say
if I spoke of love?
How would he feel?

Would it bring unbearably sweet relief to him
as it would to me
were he to declare
in one unguarded moment
(that’s all it would take):

I ache for you too?


Oh Fool!
Parade not in the nakedness of Love
Stick instead with the role you know best:

High Prisoner of our necessary fears

and speak
if you do at all
of something uncharged with risk like

a new project

You know
some such banal pretext that
(Hail Holy Her!)
 would roundly approve!

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