Sunday, May 8, 2011

As it must

And when this love affair
as we know it
ends, my love,
as all love affairs must

leaving in its place and time
-Infinity and Eternity- 
no less

a yet unexplored Vista
a dungeon of Paradise
a Holy Well of endless depth

as it does
from our mother's womb

She who was always 
our first love

returning again and again to it

we will have learned
My Love
that nothing 
ever dies

only transforms 
before our 
slumbered eyes
and within our
yearning souls

according to where we 
take our position
to view ourselves
again and again and again
in this our Paradise


  1. Beautifully written capturing the basic truth of an affair of the heart!

  2. Thanks Frank. It's wonderful to see you here :)

  3. You write with such moving sincerity. Everything ends but maybe there are traces in eternity. :-)

  4. @ Ana Thanks Ana. 'Traces in eternity' - oh yes, so fine and so many!

  5. You are a talented poet who speaks from the heart and with great wisdom. Love is like a perennial garden plant. From deep roots it faithfully buds, blooms, and produces seeds as the years go by.

  6. I love this poem for its wisdom! Love in our heart never ends....Beautiful photography, too : )

  7. @ tt Your comment is encouraging tt - thank you! Indeed love is always ready to grow and blossom wherever it is permitted to :)

  8. @ sb Thanks sb. Your comment is, as always, encouraging :)

    I don't think it's ever possible for love to end/die - it's the very stuff of the universe, of life!

  9. A wonderful piece of poetry. Life never ends and may be reborn as it chooses perhaps, but it returns always to it's essential nature which is consciousness and growth through love. My best.


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