Friday, January 28, 2011


I'll play to you
Sing for you
Breathe the
in you

I will touch you
with my heartbeats
and caress you
with my sighs

Though my soul crawls
across the gravel
and the dirt
on which it bleeds

Just to see your
eyes twinkle
is soothing balm
upon my open sores

I'll delight you
if you'll let me
I'll adore you
though you turn away

Just be patient
a little longer
your old man
is rising to his feet

Now his demons
are departing
fleeing from
his holy wrath

And tomorrow
when you wake up
touch him with
forgiving eyes

Oh I will sing for you
delight you
caress you
free you from my wrongs

I'll adore you
and devote you
to Orpheus
god of song!


I heard somewhere that Billy Joel refuses to put the lyrics of his songs in print with his cds.  He believes that the lyrics of songs do not and should not be spoken outside of their melodies.  (For an idea of what this might mean, think of the lyrics of Hard Day's Night and try just saying rather than singing them)

I wrote these words as lyrics of a song.  The melody and words sort of came together.  I guess I'm trying to suggest a reason why they might feel a bit strange when spoken or read rather than sung :)

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