Monday, January 3, 2011

You do remember, don't you?

You do remember, don't you
the kisses that you scattered
upon my scorching skin
the first summer of our romance?

How autumn,
in her final refrain,
found us lustfully entwined?

And that,
even as winter frosted,
the flames of our longings
burned ever more feverishly?

You do remember
for look how your eyes
search me
 as if retrieving
each of those glorious moments
arousing each one
as the sun does
eager buds
in spring


  1. Yes, I do remember how our love began and grew and blossomed. Your poem has reminded me of a time I will treasure for as long as I live.

  2. I enjoyed listening to the poem! Very nice indeed : )

  3. So lovely. I'd love to express my moods in poetry but my poems are all in prose. :-)

  4. @ tt How simply marvelous to remember sweet memories - the pearls that will forever glisten in the soft, warm glow of our souls' forever burning light :)

  5. @ sb Thanks for listening sb and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it.

  6. @ Ana Oh Ana, as you would know, it's not how we express ourselves but that we do and that is magic, whatever form it takes (even or especially without words) :)


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