Wednesday, January 5, 2011

But today, she smiled

She couldn't smile
Was it any wonder?
breaking, as she was, into pieces

It wasn't fair
she'd said
Why did he have to go?

What was the point
of being here
without him?

He was the love of her life
she'd said, predictably, 
still suspended in disbelief,
she shook her head

In silence
I watched her and listened
certain I could say nothing
to ease her pain
or cast out the cruel loneliness
that had seized her heart 
threatening to steal 
his place

But today
she smiled
as she threw petals of chrysanthemum
on the sun-drenched river

Smiling with plump memories
and frothy gratitude
for all their years together
and all the years since 

NOTE  I edited this recently so a couple of words may be different to what you hear :)

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