Friday, December 31, 2010

That was when

A brilliant burst of Victorian blooms
awash with late afternoon dapple
stopped me in my mindless tracks
that cold, November day

held me at length
in breathless rapture
as, through my eyes,
life thrilled me
 with a kaleidoscope 
of spring's flowers
That was when
you asked
my name

then told me
in your almost shy way
that it was like
the sunlight
on a naturally radiant garden

I think that was when
I fell in love



  1. Falling in love can be just that simple. There are instances when one can look across the room and in spying that one singular person know for a certainty that is the person for you. Very sweet poem.


  2. Frank, thank you for your comment and for being the first to comment at this blog!

    Knowing with certainty (is there any other way of 'knowing'???) would indeed be a wonder-full thing :)

  3. When I read your poem I remember my girlfriends and their crushes. Oh how they swooned and swanned over such events one guy after another.

    Not me. My husband and I were best friends, who became confidantes, who became lovers, who became spouses. And we still remain best friends today. Our falling in love process is an ongoing one.

  4. @ tt Thanks for sharing your memory and your experience tt. What you have is what I consider the *ideal* falling in love :)

  5. Hey nice one. May you love remain the same forever ..

  6. @ Akanksha Thanks! Can I let you in on a little secret? The *falling in love* part was imaginary but everything else was there in physical life :)

  7. "sunlight on a naturally radiant garden": those are the words that spoke to me the most...To me this poem was about clarity of the moment : )

  8. @ sb Ah, yes, the idea that we are already beautiful and radiant and seen as such when there is clarity :) Thanks sb!

  9. I think for me it was instantaneous one New Years Eve night almost 57 years ago. We were married a year later and are still in love and will celebrate our 57 anniversary in October.My best

  10. @ Count Sneaky You have a truly rich life Count Sneaky and no doubt countless rich insights :). Thank you for stopping by and sharing your dream story. Remind us all in October and we'll raise a glass to you and your darling too :)


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